Preserving the Indian Hills Golf Course and Country Club

As a Fort Salonga or Huntington Township resident, we encourage you to sign the online petition.

The Preserve at Indian Hills has submitted a plan to the Town of Huntington to preserve the Indians Hills Country Club in perpetuity. The plan calls for the preservation of 120 out of a total of 143 acres. The 55 and better Townhomes will be situated in three separate areas that will not impact the vistas of the Club from Breeze Hill Road and Fresh Pond Road. The alternative plan, for an as of right single-family subdivision for over 100 single-family homes, would severely impact the entire area and force a closure of the golf course.

The Townhome plan will:

  • Preserve the character of the neighborhood.
  • Improve the Club, preserving it in perpetuity.
  • Preserve 120 of 143 acres.
  • Bring far less traffic to the area than single-family homes would.
  • Bring over $500,000 in school tax revenue without the impact of additional students.
  • Enable the area to be served by natural gas.
  • Include a walking trail inside the existing stone revetment wall, bypassing the Club and allowing full beach access regardless of tide.
  • Our proposed community will provide the Fort Salonga area with over 12,500 feet of gas line. This will enable over 250 Fort Salonga residents the ability to utilize gas service in their homes.

Check back periodically for updates on the progress of Preserving the Indian Hills Golf Course & Country Club.