Stony Brook Heritage Graduate Housing Community

The Stony Brook Heritage Graduate Housing Community will be a beautiful addition to Stony Brook that will address a need for housing for a valued regional resource and at the same time, help to alleviate various housing concerns. The new Housing Community is architecturally designed to complement the historic community, while simultaneously providing a style of housing that graduate, post-doctoral and health professionals desire.

Why the Proposed Community will be a Positive Redevelopment for Stony Brook, the University and the Future Residents:

  • Redeveloping the site for Stony Brook graduate and post-doctoral housing will support a valued regional resource and fill a major need.
  • Access to housing for graduate, post- doctoral, and health professionals will help to alleviate the contentious housing issues that currently exist in the surrounding community.
  • The site is located between NYS Route 25A and the LIRR tracks, making it undesirable for single-family homes.
  • Beautiful housing that features a walkable area and a community center for individuals to gather is the preferred style of housing for today’s young professionals.
  • Schedules for graduate students, health professionals and research fellows vary greatly, so there will not be a major vehicle outflow or inflow at traditional peak travel hours.
  • The site currently does not contribute any property taxes. The new development will be tax positive.

Benefits of the Proposed Stony Brook Heritage Graduate Housing Community:

  • Housing is clustered throughout the property on already developed areas to create open space.
  • The new Housing Community will be within walking distance of the Stony Brook Advanced Energy Center Campus.
  • The site is located on NYS Route 25A and will result in little or no impact on local streets.
  • The site is currently occupied by large three-story buildings.
  • The proposed architecture will be a beautiful complement to the existing community in a desirable, walkable residential setting.
  • There will be a community center for small gatherings of residents to utilize.

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The Economic Impact of the Proposed Stony Brook Heritage Graduate Housing Community:

  • The property is currently not taxed since it is occupied by a religious institution.
  • The redevelopment will result in increased tax dollars for the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County and New York State.
  • Much-needed jobs will be created during the construction phase.
  • New community residents will support local businesses, shops and restaurants.

Proposed Stony Brook Heritage Graduate Housing Community Development Statistics:

  • 12.1 acres
  • 108 residences, in 12 buildings
  • New community center
  • 108 parking spaces