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Stony Brook Meadows

The Stony Brook Meadows 55 and Better Community will be a beautiful addition to Stony Brook that will address a need for housing for a valued regional resource and at the same time, help to alleviate various housing concerns. The Community is architecturally designed to complement the historic community. Located close to the Stony Brook Village.

Benefits of the Proposed Stony Brook Meadows Community:

  • The site is located on NYS Route 25A and will result in little or no impact on local streets.
  • The proposed architecture will be a beautiful complement to the existing community.

The Economic Impact of the Proposed Stony Brook Meadows Community:

  • The property is currently not taxed since it is occupied by a religious institution.
  • The redevelopment will result in increased tax dollars for the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County and New York State.
  • Much-needed jobs will be created during the construction phase.
  • New community residents will support local businesses, shops and restaurants.

Proposed Stony Brook Meadows Community Development Statistics:

  • 12.1 acres
  • New community center
  • 108 parking spaces

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